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  • Is colonics right for you?

    Learn whether colonic irrigation (aka colon hydrotherapy) is the right choice for your body.

    • What symptoms can hydrocolon therapy relieve?
    • Should I see the doctor before doing colonics?
    • Are the positive effects of colon hydrotherapy long-lasting?
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  • Natural Weight Loss

    Did you know that colon hydrotherapy naturally helps your body shed access weight?

    • It cleans your body's digestive system.
    • It activates your body's metabolism.
    • It helps your organism optimize its own weight.
  • Detoxification

    Detoxification through coloincs rids your body of harmful toxins and helps you feel better almost instantly.

    • Comfortable spa-like environment soothes & relaxes.
    • Proven colonic procedures cleanse and rejuvenate.
    • After just one procedure you will feel stronger & ready to tackle any problem.

Welcome to Chicago Colonic Center

Chicago Colonic Center is Chicagoland's top authority on colon hydrotherapy. We are conveniently located in Chicago and Oak Park, so contact us today to schedule a visit or call us for a free consultation.

Chicago colonic Center - Colon Hydrotherapy

Open System at Chicago Colonic Center If you are on this website, you are looking for a Chicago colonic (aka colon hydrotherapy ) specialist. So, you must already know that a healthy digestive system is a crucial part of overall health. And colon, being the last part of the digestive system is an important part of your body to take care of. Well, that is precisely what we do at Chicago Colonic Center - we regulate your system for a smooth and clean digestion tract, so that your body can function properly. Depending on whether you tried colon hydrotherapy before, you may have questions about the procedure or maybe even doubts about whether colonics is a good choice for you in the first place. We understand your uncertainty and that is why you can always call us at 773.295.7537 for a free consultation, during which you can ask us questions, get additional information, and of course schedule your procedure. In addition, this very website was built to educate about colon hydrotherapy, so please visit our FAQ page, where you can have most of your questions answered. In addition, we have a whole section devoted to answering the question "Is colonics right for me?". So please do call or email us, or simply look around, we are here to help.

Gentle Colonic Irrigation

Our team of medical professionals is here to gently cleanse your system of waste build. These pros (who are also very nice people) is what makes us the choice for Chicago colonic irrigation for so many. So, read more about what we do and contact us.
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Natural Weight Loss

If you seek a healthy, natural way to lose weight, colonic may be your answer. People who tried our colon cleanse weight loss services call us the best solution in Chicago, and we would love to add your testimonial to the hundreds of others. So learn more about what we do and call us soon.
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Complete Detox

A lot of what we eat causes waste buildup in our bodies, which may trigger allergies and worsen overall health. Detox helps your body get rid of that waste. We are proud to be one of leading Chicago detoxification centers, and with our spa-like atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, it's no surprise that we are.
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About Us

about colonic centerChicago Colonic Center is a division ofAdvanced Physical Medicine, the leading provider of holistic medicine and rehabilitation services in Chicagoland. We offer a range of health and wellness services in Chicagoland: from colon hydrotherapy to physical therapy andchiropractic medicine c. And we are happy to answer any questions you may have so contact us today. We look forward to talking to you.

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